Do you deliver anywhere?

We will arrange delivery to UK mainland with UK VAT paid.

The Prizes can be shipped overseas, however in the EU the Prize will be delivered with UK VAT paid but any further costs (VAT/taxes/import duties/registration costs due in the destination/country of final registration) will be the responsibility of the Prize Winner.

In all other countries the Prize will be shipped (net of all taxes) to the nearest port and any applicable import duties, registration costs, or any further taxes or duties of any nature due in the destination country will be the responsibility of the Prize Winner.

The Promoter reserves the right not to deliver to certain countries.

Please note that all our motorcycles are supplied in the UK and therefore if exported may not be road legal in the destination country.

It is the Prize Winner’s responsibility to check this and choose the cash alternative if appropriate.

See details in our Terms and Conditions or in the ‘How Does It Work’ section of the FAQ’s.